Mona, Education Student

Apr 25, 2017
Mona Abu Yousef is studying education at Al Aqsa University, Gaza, Palestine "During the last war on Gaza, our house was completely destroyed. Today, we live in a small house...
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Ahmed, Medical Student

Mar 20, 2017
Ahmed Abu Hajjaj, is studying medicine at Al Azhar University, Gaza Palestine "Being a doctor was my passion since I was a child. However, I faced many obstacles such as...
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Nadia, Physical Therapy Student

Aug 08, 2016
Nadia is a 22-year-old, divorced mother with one small child. She is working toward a degree in physical therapy at Al-Azhar University. Despite living in difficult conditions with her extended...
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Dalia, Art Student

Jul 01, 2016
Dalia is a second year art student at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza. Her father died four years ago and it hit Dalia very hard. In many ways, she and her...
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Another casualty of Israel’s wars: Palestinian right to education

Aug 08, 2014
By Aimee Shalan and Samer Abdelnour, Al Shabaka By Aimee Shalan and Samer Abdelnour, Al Shabaka Books and papers lay strewn across the ground after Israeli forces bombed the Islamic University of...

Gaza child: Three wars old

Jul 16, 2014
By Yasmeen Khoudary, Al Jazeera English Gazan children above age six have already witnessed three Israeli offenses [EPA]2014 To a child in Gaza: - "How old are you?" - "Three...

Nadine, Helen Thomas Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Feb 10, 2014
In 2013, MECA established the Helen Thomas Memorial Scholarship to honor the great journalist and to enable young women in Palestine to continue her legacy. Nadine is the recipient of...
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Beesan, English Literature Student

Sep 20, 2012
The following is excerpted from and interview by Danny Muller who traveled to Gaza with MECA Director Barbara Lubin in July 2012. Beesan receives a scholarship from one of MECA’s...
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